A zine focusing on Megumi Fushiguro from the animanga Jujutsu Kaisen.Current Status: Preorders extended!



Interest Check OpensFebruary 1st
Interest Check ClosesMarch 1st
Mod Apps OpenFebruary 14th
Mod Apps CloseMarch 14th
Mods AnnouncedMarch 20th
Contributor Apps OpenMarch 25th
Contributor Apps CloseApril 25th
Results EmailedMay 5th - May 12th
Concept Check-inMay 21st
First Check-inJune 21st
Second Check-inJuly 28th
Third Check-inAugust 24th
Final Hand inSeptember 7th
Pre-orders OpenOctober 19th
Pre-orders CloseDecember 3rd


mod team

Lucy — Lead and Finance Mod
- Hey! I'm Lucy, and this lil work in progress started because I adore Megumi and there isn't enough content about him! I'm so excited to get this project created and I can't wait to see what the creators will make!
- Experience: Beyond Time: HQ Youkai Zine (Finance Mod), Conjuring: A Getou Suguru Zine (Finance and Shipping Mod), HQPKM Travel Zine (Writer), GetoWeek2022 (General Mod)
- Social Media: Instagram, AO3
- Favourite thing about Megumi Fushiguro: His unshakeable will and his continued growth despite the fact he doesn't believe he's as talented as people like Itadori/Yuta/Maki. Also the fact that at the ripe old age of 15 he headed a top 3 clan for like 3 days before it toppled completely.
Rowan — Graphics Mod
- I have too many wips and too little time. Shoutout to the HQ x JJK au collecting dust in my google drive
- Experience: I just a baby! this is my first zine mod experience and I'm happy to be here!
- Social Media: Twitter, AO3
- Favourite thing about Megumi Fushiguro: His growing confidence in his abilities. He's a wonderful sorcerer and he ought to give himself the credit he deserves! Also the fact that he calls the sun "ohisama" the way a lil kid does. I love him.
Maki — Art Mod
- A caffeine-induced, sleep-deprived gremlin with too many unfinished WIPs
- Experience: Events Carrd
- Social Media: Carrd
- Favourite thing about Megumi Fushiguro: His dad. But for real, I love how he disregards everything just to get results. He knows himself well enough to be able to do beyond his best.
Lark — Layout/Formatting Mod
Hello! I'm Lark. I'm actually just 3 birds and a raccoon in a hoodie doing my best and living off several cups of tea.
- Experience: Shots of Gold: A HQ Bartender Zine (Co-Head, Graphics, Finance & Layout), Cosmic: A HQ Rarepair Zine (Finance & Layout), and more
- Social Media: Twitter, Tumblr
- Favourite thing about Megumi Fushiguro: his love for his friends
Bella — Writing Mod
- Hi, I'm Bella. I've been told I'm the human version of a keyboard smash, and I have an unhealthy obsession with black-haired, jerk-coded characters.
- Experience: In Bloom: a JJK Flower Zine - Writing & Organization, Conjuring: a Geto Suguru Anthology Zine - Head, Graphics & Writing, Spellbound: a SemiShira Zine - Writing, Sincerely Yours: a SakuAtsu Zine - Graphics & Writing, LEVEL UP!! - a Haikyuu!! x Videogame Zine - Social Media & Discord
- Social Media: Twitter, AO3, Carrd
- Favourite thing about Megumi Fushiguro: His loyalty. —and the dogs.
Grey — Shipping Mod
- I'm basically living off caffeine and zines
- Experience: Events Carrd
- Social Media: Carrd, Twitter, AO3
- Favourite thing about Megumi Fushiguro: the way he cares a little bit too much but tries so hard not to show it.
Andi — Overall Assistant Mod
- I'm neglecting college to be here and I do not regret it. Who needs study when you have Megumi?
- Experience: Mod in HQ Parenthood Bang, HQ Tokyo Teams Exchange and Kenhina Big Bang. Page Artist in Dia-a-Dia: a HQ Latino Zine, Conjuring: a Geto Suguru Zine and other fan events
- Social Media: Twitter, Instagram
- Favourite thing about Megumi Fushiguro: His dogs. And his philosophy of life of doing whatever the fuck he wants. And his dogs.



Will the zine be NSFW or have a NSFW side zine/portion?
- No, this zine is SFW and PG-13 only. Some violence, gore, and blood may be allowed, up to the extent canon in the animanga.
Is this zine for charity or for profit?
- This is a for-profit zine and all profit will be split equally between contributors and mods.
If shipping is included, will any ships be banned?
- This zine will not include shipping, as it is gen-rated only.
How much international shipping would cost?
- Unfortunately, we aren't able to confirm shipping costs at this time, as it depends on the finalized size and weight of the zine as well as whether or not we produce merchandise.
Will you give feedback on rejected applications?
- This depends on how many applications we get. However, it's likely that we won't be able to give feedback as we won't have the time to write up comments for all applications. We also understand that not everyone who submits an application automatically wishes to receive feedback. If you are curious about personalized feedback, you may contact the mod team after application results are sent out.

When will Moderator Applications open?
- Moderator applications will open February 14th.
Which Moderator position(s) will be open?
- The current available Moderator positions include Layout, Graphics, Art, Assistant Writing, Shipping, and Finance.
What are the criteria to be a Moderator?
- All mods must have a Discord account as this is where all the communications will occur. If you do not have an account but get accepted as a mod, there is time before contributors join, and we're happy to help you with setting up with Discord.
- All mods must plan in accordance with the above schedule, and are expected to have feedback for contributors within 14 days of the check ins (this can be as simple as “keep going as is” or can be pieces of advice on how to proceed).
- All mods must be comfortable managing and communicating extension requests, as they will be responsible for approving requests for their relevant contributors (writers approved by writing mod, artists approved by art mod).
How much does previous experience factor in to the application?
- The only moderators where experience is required is the finance and shipping mods, as they are the most difficult to deal with as a newcomer. The other moderator roles do not require experience. As you’re able to display your strengths and outside experience for your applied role(s), the current mods will take that into account.
Can I apply for multiple roles?
- Of course! You will be asked which roles you would like to apply for, and at the end of the application you will be asked if you believe you can handle more than one role and if you can, you may be assigned more than one role. You will also be asked to give an order of preference of the roles you’ve applied for.
Are moderators allowed to contribute to the zine?
- Given that you have previous experience in writing or art, all contributors will be offered a creative section in the zine if they would like to contribute.
For a more comprehensive guide on Moderator applications, click here.

When are Contributor Applications?
Contributor applications will run from March 25th through April 25th, with the potential of being extended if required.
What are the expectations for contributors?
- All contributors must have a Discord account as this is where all the communications will occur.
- All contributors must plan in accordance with the above schedule, and are expected to meet all deadlines withe the required amount of completion.
- Any and all extension requests must be made more than 3 days prior to the check in deadline or else you risk loosing your place in the zine.
How much does experience factor into zine acceptance?
Not at all! All final decisions for contributors will be made based on the works submitted in the application. If you have previous zine experience, we'd love to hear about it but it is not required for this zine.
Can I apply for multiple roles?
Yes, but you will only be accepted to one role, so please make sure you're certain on your decision before you apply.
What if I want to change the pieces I used to apply?
You can submit a new application—we will only take your most recent application into account, so feel free to resubmit as needed.


The contents of our zine are currently done and waiting for you to preorder your copy!
Grab yours in the link below!